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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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THE DYNASTS                   ACT u
I judge so—when I have done what's needful here.— The mob knows not the bye-door—slip across ; Thence around sideways.—All's clear there as yet.
[The QUEEN, her lady-in-waiting, and the servant go out hurriedly.
GODOY looks again from the window. The mob is some way off, the immediate front being for the moment nearly free of loiterers; and the three muffled figures are visible, crossing without hindrance towards the door in the wall of the Palace Gardens. The instant they reach it a sentinel springs up, challenging them.
Ah—now they are doomed!    My God, why did she come!
A parley takes place. Something, apparently a bribe, is handed to the sentinel, and the three are allowed to slip in, the QUEEN having obviously been unrecognized. He breathes his relief.
Now for the others.    Then—ah, then Heaven knows!
He sounds a bell and a servant enters. Where is the Countess of Castillofiel ?
SERVANT She's looking for you, Prince.
Find her at once.
Ah—here she is.—That's well.—Go watch the Pld^Ta.
(to servant).
GODOT'S mistress, the DO&A JOSEFA TUDO, enters. She is a young and beautiful woman, the vivacity of whose large dark eyes is nowidouded. She is wrapped up for flight. The servant goes out.
JOSEFA (breathlessly)
I should have joined you sooner, but I knew The Queen was fondling with you.    She must needs